Elissa: My mirror


Lebanese popstar Elissa has addressed the subject of domestic violence in her latest, powerful video: Ya Merayti, my mirror. Immediately after it premiered a debate erupted.

At the very beginning, she states: ‘They say that houses have their secrets, and that certain stories should remain unveiled, only the mirror may know them.’

Real life stories
And the lyrics go:

my mirror, you know my story
you know what I saw and what frightened me
how many times I stood in front of you
and told you that it was the end of me

The video was directed by Angie Jamal who based the clip on real life stories of victims of domestic abuse.

Huda Saad
However, Elissa is not the first to address this subject. In 2012 Moroccan singer Huda Saad presented her song and video Matfakarnish (don’t remind me) on domestic violence. The song, for which she wrote the lyrics and music, was not that big a succes as Elissa’s but not less interesting and deserves a much bigger audience.

don’t remind me of what was between us (…)
your sweet words no longer work for me
don’t waste your time
forget the day we met